Teeth Blue, Lips Red

by Runaround Kids

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    The full series of records we released in 2012 - CD of 'You'd Feel The Same', 12" split 'Runaround Kids vs We Are Losers', 'Into The Light/Atomic Arabian Facebuster' cassette, and compilation comic book CD 'Teeth Blue, Lips Red'.

    This series won the Rhubarb Bomb 'Tru DIY Special Award' - read about it here: rhubarbbomb.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/tru-diy-award.html

    Includes unlimited streaming of Teeth Blue, Lips Red via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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"[I Want To Fall In Love Again is] ...so next-level it makes you hungry for more"
- Gold Flake Paint

"Brings a brand of melodic punk to life. Hints of hardcore abound, but this is an unashamed pop record" - 77%
- Altsounds

"...adds another brilliant release to the short discography of Runaround Kids, and I can’t wait to hear more"
- Elusive Little Comments

"[Blush] pushes at the self-imposed limits with a sparky set of riffage and a heroic rush to the line"
- Sweeping The Nation

"Amazing. Infectious to the point where you'll be pushing the repeat button over and over again without even noticing"
- Against The Odds

"The band I wished I could’ve been in. Their exuberance is so infectious, it usually leaves me jumping around the room, then crying in the corner that I’m not a teenager any more"
- The Point Of Everything

"I was blown the fuck away. A hell of a year"
- The Sound Of Philly

"Their pace and the complexity of their lyrics gives them quite the unique edge. A solid showcase"
- Dauphin

Album of the week - Joyzine radio

In best of 2012 lists by: Serbachart, Elusive Little Comments, Against The Odds

Blush - top 10 song of the year - Sound Of Philly


released December 10, 2012



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Track Name: You'd Feel The Same
Baby let’s go to Vegas, baby you know I wouldn’t just say this to anyone
I know your city’s not for me, I know you’re not really into me
Don’t worry about your friends, I can still read from the light from your cigarette

And I know this couldn’t happen but when I’m with you, you make my mood just disappear
And I know if you were with me, then you’d feel the same, just a little shamed by what we do

I say I’m wrong, you say “I’m not sorry”

All your friends smoke cigarettes
And all your friends, all your friends are inside jokes

Her teeth turned blue, and her lips stained red
As she pours her glass back to the bottle again
And again
Track Name: Into The Light
Will you remember me?
All the abuse I've watched, I'm sorry darling
Will you remember me?
A father red with anger, all the things I'm
Sorry for my dear
I tried to help you but you can't help yourself
Will you remember me?
I have become something I never wanted

Her father want into the light
Her life it went into the light

I do apologise
When I'm alone in the night time
When I can get some alone time
I do apologise
I cannot promise a lifetime
When I'm alone in the night time
I said I'm sorry, but I
I can't be waiting a lifetime
I can't be waiting a lifetime
Things will get better but I
I cannot promise a lifetime
Without having some down time
Track Name: Drinking History
If there's one thing that I know, sure
That she'll fall asleep on the journey home
Been missing you two years now
But where you've gone, I don't know

And I can't believe it
'cause the place is the same but the people are all gone
So it's time to go
'cause the next time you see me I might as well be gone

So it's time to go
But where to, I don't know
Been wasted for two years
I'm sick and tired of being rejected
Track Name: Blush
Dear Jean, when I can fill these jeans
I see you standing there, with a smile so sweet
Too late, it isn't what it seems
I can't do this when I'm in my teens
My dear, when I take off these jeans
I'll be sure I'll see you in my sleep
Or maybe suddenly I'll see
It's foolish just to trust these dreams
And people I am yet to meet

And stop
I don't want to make you blush, I just want you to know
Everything's changed since you've been around me

I fight hard to stop all of the screams
That come out murmured in my sleep
And try hard to promise all these things
Dear Jean, when I can fill these jeans
Track Name: Lesser Loved
Lesser loved of siblings you trusted
Up until then you thought you were a must
I hope it's you that ruins my tombstone darling
Break the pillar in half for me, yeah

Hold me between your fingers that I stained before
get one last drag out of me, then
Put me out, put your sole into me yeah

Lesser loved of parents you were thrust on
All we did was kiss, it always used to be enough
You got so thin, you lost your wedding ring
You just look down at your hands, thinking 'something's missing'

So come on baby, don't be mean
And cling to me so desperately
Cos I'm lost
Track Name: I Want To Fall In Love Again
I want to be in your life again
But I dont want a speaking part
When I think of us, I cringe but I still flirt with the idea
Of having something we thought we had, we never had

It always came nightly
You never seemed to care
We were only young then
But it's such a cross to bear

I tried to stop
It couldn't be enough

I want to fall in love again