Linked Arms

by Runaround Kids

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"A noisy, assertive piece of work... energetic bursts all sharing infiltrating melodies and a fuzzy lo-fi aesthetic. Excellent debut album."
- Drowned In Sound

"There is much more to this band than immediately meets the eye. Not a case of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', more like 'let's make a few changes and see what we get'. It works, and there's absolutely no doubt that bigger and better things await"
- This Is Fake DIY

"These Wakefield youngsters bear their hearts with the help of some witty lyrical turns, powerful and melodic guitars, and a keen ear for a sharp and catchy pop melody. The themes of nostalgia, love and loss on Linked Arms are completely universal, and when these ideas are wrapped up in a package as energetic and as joyous as Linked Arms, you can’t help but get caught up"
- SCAN Online

“The sort of pummelling indie punk that demands your attention and is best savoured in the sweatiest of clubs”
- We Were Promised So Much...

"Melodic vulnerability and fuzzy, straight to the point energy"
- Sweeping The Nation

"You can’t ask more from a debut record... If in ten years time someone told me that Linked Arms had been the soundtrack to their summer of 2011, spent drinking in parks, skating and starting a band then I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest"
- Rhubarb Bomb

"(Can't Lose Lover) is lifted head-and-shoulders above its contemporaries by a hook that you’ll have trouble dislodging after even one listen"
- Music Fan's Mic


released August 8, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Null
It’s good that he’s panicking, I wanted him worrying
It’s only ever fun when no one knows what’s happening
In the hours where all the clubs are closing
And you’re walking like you know where we’re or where we’re going

Making bullshit excuses for going round the corner
Spent the rest of the evening asking me whether I loved her
Whether she could tempt me with things a little stronger
And I know what she does, she likes to make my mind wander and it works

I watched her hips as they buckled
There’s no way this ends well

There were times when I was sat in your bedroom
Looking through old magazines, ignoring all the news
When I knew that it was wrong, sometimes I’d mention it
You looked at me in a way that said ‘I know, and I don’t give a shit’

And I watched her hips as they buckled
And my heart fell through my stomach
As she blasphemed and told him
There was no comparison between me and him
Track Name: Can't Lose Lover
Rolling up the blinds to a sunny disposition yeah
Sleep long for the long hot summer
Smoking my troubles with my childhood heroes yeah
Sleep long for the family photos

And I can’t lose, no I can’t lose lover
Got the same shoes, got the same shoes lover

Laughing at the time at the smallest thing yeah
Smoke lots because I’m done with talking
Hanging in the park with three ex-lovers yeah
Keep quiet because I know I’ll say something

Buying all the drinks, so I’ve got time to think and yeah
Keep quiet because I know I’ll say something
And my mind goes blank, and my mouth feels numb
But you stop talking

Stop talking
Track Name: Falling Into Better Hands
You’re falling into better hands
I recognise the faces, but the people aren’t the same
All the strangers saw them change
We feel bad about the money we’ve made
Cos it didn’t help like we thought that it would

And every time you leave, a little less is coming back
And you killed me again, we were hardly friends
We were getting drunk every night for about a month
But in the end, we’re not the same at all

Your broken English doesn’t stop me going through a list
Of things that nearly happened in
Places that you’ve never been but as long as you’re listening
I’ll keep paying, you’re getting thin

Oh God, I tried to defile my last remaining friend
I was told taking girls into churchyards was perfect
And if please don’t die is the most romantic you can be
Then I guess we’ll figure out how hated we’ll be
Track Name: A Way That Works
Should I give up on love again?
Persist and resist until it shows worth
Sometimes it’s hard to find a way that works
Sometimes it’s hard to make things happen

And it’s always the same thing
All this life and this love and all my friends
This time it’s hard to find a way that works
It’s hard to find the will to go on

And all my friends
And I remember all my friends

These arms bear scars
Track Name: Cut Yr Losses
Laid out like the floor is keeping me safe
Being selfish with my air intake
Chest crushed and my throat is fucked
Best not tell anyone
I’m not sure if I’m okay, you won't care either way
A crashing plane found the runway, guided by standby lights
Saved my life.
And we can laugh about it now, you still hollow me out
Yeah you still hollow me out, but I’ve got doubts
Yeah I’ve got doubts

Cut yr losses

Stood digging my nails into my palms
Breathing heavy and I’m leaving scars
I lost feeling and I knew she'd see me
The ghosts are gone
I gave up the ghost, the streets came close
You had staircase wit, I was full of shit
Track Name: Last July
You’re finding boys to fill the void that college left within you
The friends you fuck and then you talk about how much you hate it
Sure it was fun, but I’m assured that I am happier now
The friends you fuck and then you talk about how much you hate it

The time you told me that you felt the things that I’d been feeling
I felt a sense of worth that I found very appealing
Sure it was fun, but I’m assured that I am knowledgeable
The friends you fuck and then you talk about how much you hate it

If last July was worse than all the things that never happen
Then this time I don’t think I’ll be alright and I can change it
If last July was worse than all the things I never told her
Then this time I don’t think I’ll be alright and I can change it
Track Name: Won't Fuck Her Sober
Wait, I don’t know what it is that makes me feel so bad
Unless my conscience knows about what we once had

It shows you don’t know her
You won’t fuck her sober
Forget when you’re older
You’ll blink and it’s over

You couldn’t see me in the road
I made my presence known
You let her hide from the snow under your coat
I made my presence known

The places you go, the people you know
Track Name: Linked Arms
They linked their arms and they crossed their fingers
Hoping no one notices each other’s manoeuvres
His hand on the dress that she wore for work
While they sat together like the lovers they weren’t

She borrowed his records
He lent her his coat
She took on his twitches
He changed the way he spoke

Spent hours with her scars
Tracing them along his own arms
And she’d been there for hours
Before she found him at the bar

Brushed her teeth, her tongue and then convulsed
All her effort through the day undone

Her face split into threes by tears
And the make-up she had worn for years
Stained his shirt as she learnt to cry
Into a chest she didn’t recognise

And I can’t leave the flat
The ghosts, the ghosts, the ghosts are back
And I wake up with strangers
And the guilt I shouldn’t have
Track Name: I Tried
Outstretched, arms kept
Hidden from sight, I couldn’t wait to end the night

Teeth clenched, back bent
Holding up the covers, I was convinced he didn’t love you

And I tried I tried I tried I tried I tried I tried I tried I tried
I tried

Eyes fixed, habits kicked
Still trying to tell you, still smitten with the thought of you

Heart ripped, thighs stitched
Hidden from our lovers, I know he didn’t love you

I tried but not everything